My consignment of Vana Tallinn arrived today at work from these people.

Two things, make this fact interesting. One is that they came very well wrapped for delivery by Parcel Force, not only in bubblewrap but also in sackfulls of shredded paper. I managed to extricate most of this shredded paper from box to bin without problem, but still managed to litter the floor around my desk and the desks of three people who sit near me in shredded paper. Nice…?!!

The second thing, is that I seem to have a lot of *odd* things delivered to me at work. A year or so ago, some co-workers hatched this idea that I was in league with some terrorism activity due to my deliveries of various powders, papers, acids and concoctions. In reality it was just art supplies for when I was starting to do etching again, but I guess it could look a bit like I’m head of some drugs ring when I unwrap a large packet of unmarked white powder (french chalk).

…then there was that press screw for when I was building my printing press, now bottles of liqueur from eastern Europe…??