And so it came to pass. Three hundred and sixty five days after the beginning of 2003, we enter a New Year…

…does it feel any different? No. Just like before. It’s just the same. Sat down in front of the fire last night with my folks and a plethora of cats and dogs around the room, and watched A Passage to India to keep us awake till New Year – ’tis a good film, a classic of its time indeed, but of its time. I’m wondering whether it perhaps needs to be remade for the modern era…? Hmnn, maybe I shall look into giving the book a read soon… now, where’s my reading list?

Switched over to BBC1 to catch the bongs of Big Ben – had to turn the sound down on Liberty X for a bit – but after they had exited stage left, the next 15 minutes or so was kind of goodly edited together to see the new year in. And then it was just time for a few *first footing ‘fone calls*, before bed.