‘Twas a late night out last night as went off to the Odeon Aylesbury to see Anthony Minghella’s latest film…

It’s a very good film. Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renée Zellweger are all superb, and the photography is amazing and deftly cut together (as you would expect from an Anthony Minghella – you know I still find it hard to believe that man spent so many years as script editor for Grange Hill).

However it is not a cheerful, light-hearted film by any means. At two and a half hours the film takes it out of you – you feel shattered. You feel like your life has been through it. That said, it doesn’t feel like two and a half hours to have been sat there – not by a long way – it’s a not a long film in that sense.

There are scenes of violence and brutality as you would expect from a film set in and around the American civil war, and it is a lot more explicit than the fantasy violence of ROTK but it’s not overdone. It’s a good film. I’d recommend it. At least, try and go with someone to this movie, rather than go alon as I did. I think you need to have someone to talk to after a film like this.