It’s cold, grey and wet outside … so what better time is there to plan lovely holidays for this year. I’ve perused the allotted holiday I have for this year, and I’ve come up with a plan.

My big holiday I’m thinking of is:
Hungary – specifically this one – specifically protecting orchids. Looks like a good one where you work in the mornings and then do activities in the afternoons, specifically learning Hungarian, tradional archery, folk dancing(?!!), fet-making, honey-cake baking. That’s towards the end of July – anyone know what the weather’s like then? I’m told hot, but how hot? Unbearably hot?

Iceland – a midsummer trip back to Reykjavik, stay with my cousins/aunt/uncle (hey, they don’t know it yet but they keep on offering – hell they tried to find me on two previous occasions but I evaded them! It’s a bit of an *extravegance* holiday for me as I’m not used to going away and not doing any kind of conservational doings whilst I’m there, but it’s somewhere I love and I want to go back there. Plus there’s research for my book of course. And inspiration … don’t forget inspiration.

A weekend in the country – at Easter. Specifically a charming oak framed, thatched cottage I know of in the Blissford area of the New Forest. It comes with free board and lodging so long as I cuddle the cat and walk the dogs, and I believe this year the owners even said something about paying said house-sitter for the trouble. Can’t be bad, I say…

National Turst Acorn Break – a week doing one of these. I’ll probably try and lead one so that they wave the fee, but only if I can persuade Jenny to resusitate last years (quashed) plans (thanks bl**dy Cirencester!) and co-lead.

Then, if I’ve done my calculations right, I should have enough days left to take the 3 I have to at Christmas, have a couple extra pre-christmas and maybe a couple of extended weekends.

Roll on the summer then… 🙂