I have to say, I have really enjoyed today: waking up when I wanted to (it actually wasn’t that late!) … and its been productive too. Okay, so I haven’t (yet) got any writing done, but I have redecorated my bathroom from a deep dark blue to a new fresh Dulux New Dawn pale blue. I’ve done this now because I needed to do something around the shower where the water was peeling the paint (I would have tiled extra but finding old style 6 inch thin tiles seems to be not as easy as you would think?!!) so I’ve made good and redecorated with some of the special bathroom paint. As I said this was why I decided to something now, but I have to say it does look much nicer, brighter and airier, so I’m happy. ^__^

It does mean that I’m now a little tired, and I think in need of an early night. I would like to do some writing first though…