Right words, wrong time.
Right time, wrong words.

Why am I finding writing so difficult today? It’s not even as if today has had the creative-sapping cold, grey, gloomy wet weather of yesterday. Today has been full of sun, of blue sky, of spring flowers…

Driving to and from work, and cruising down the A34 to Didcot for my flute lesson, scenes were playing out in my mind, the chapter was looking good. But I can’t write in the car. I can think. But, but I can’t write. And now, it’s this evening, I’ve had all these good ideas, I’m inspired – why will the words not come. Why am I struggling over the scene? Where have all the words gone?

Aaaaaggggghhhh!!!! The frustion of it…!!!!!!

Current wordcount: 37,272 [edit]

…words words words?