I have a new journal – the International Wound Journal, and it’s being a freeking nightmare! I only got handed this on Tuesday, the typesetters have been a nightmare about it, and today everywhere I turn I’m seeing questions about IWJ. No really, Integra, if you removed the adverts in the first place we wouldn’t be in this place, yes I do mean remove the adverts, yes, just like you’ve been told before … yes, I’m sure. Then the Editorial office ask me why it’s not online? Duh, I’m doing my best. The the late issue report, only two missed there cover month, and yes, you guessed it one is IWJ. I know, it’s right on the top of my To Do list. The problem is, until I get some resupplies which have some semblance of being correct about them, that’s right where it’s staying…!


Yes, that’s from IWJ. Yes that’s the kind of thing I work with. Yes, that is how I’m feeling…