the nature and look of Icelandic elves are very different to the Lord of the Rings type of trolls/elves —

the elves are small, very good looking
they are wealthy compared to the average Icelander
they have beautiful homes – in cliffs, large rocks – they also live in the lava
and if you are walking and you see a mossy rock you know Elves don’t live there because they only live beneath clean rocks – a rock is a front door
there homes are emaculate
they wouldn’t live in horrible looking rocks

elves are quick on their feet
and smaller than humans
more delicate features – and smarter
they have horses

elves are mischievous
they are very naugthy
humans have to take care when they meet elves because they are very clever
and as the stories go people have been tricked by elves

they would live in Reykjavik – not beneath – they don’t live underground
there is this recent story about these men who were making a new road through Reykjavik and they had to move this huge rock to be able to put the road where it was supposed to be – but weird things kept happening – their machinery kept breaking down and tools went missing – people had accidents at the construction site, so in the end the rock wasn’t moved because people believed that they lived in this old rock and they made the road go round the rock – so it’s still where it has been for ages

they’re clothes are beautifully made
made from beautiful fabric woven out of materials that humans don’t have
probably something like silk – fine and soft – and delicate – intricate – but still practial
their clothes are definitely not fussy

Shoes? well they would have the typical Icelandic leather shoes
you know the type – old fashioned – like the vikings – or Icelandic people in the olden days
the same type of shoes that people in England wore when the vikings were out and about
but with fine clothes instead of tunics and course linen and leather