One of the friends that I made in La Rochelle in the long summer of ’94 (gee, can it really be ten years?!!) is from Iceland. We’ve stayed in contact ever since, however, until now I have been decidedly slack in letting Elísabet that I was coming out in what 6 days time…

So here’s the thing. The Icelandic telephone company is Simin and they have a directory enquiries service. The other thing you should know, is that the Icelandic phone book is arranged by forename not surname (due to the second name convention of father’s first name + son or dóttir depending on what variety of kid you are). Anyway I plugged in Elísabet’s name and it came up with just two results. Different address but then she will be 27 or something now, so unlikely to still be living at the parent’s address. One of these looked possible and it had a mobile number and text them option. I can hardly believe what I have just done, but I have just texted them to find out if they are Elísabeth from La Rochelle 1994…!!!

Did I really just do that?! Am I mad?!!