I have just watched the season two episode, Sex, She Wrote in which bad girl Abby Morgan interferes with the private matters of our six heroes for her own sadistic pleasure (and the completion of an English project to come up with a presentation on mystery). The result is that, with presentation complete, and mystery solved, she, in the end, does not make the presentation and fails the class, because she cannot reveal what should remain private any further. The episode demonstrates that she is a smart cookie, with a heart, and makes us a care later in the season when she dies, tragically.

I have not yet killed Andy in Blood & Fire but it is my intention to do so. For the story, he needs to die, but as it stands, I am afraid that the reader will not care one way or the other when this event takes place. I have not built the character either one way or the other, and as such, his death will not make any mark on the characters – the story will not progress.

So, I must make my readers care for Andy. I must make You, my readers, either hate him, or love him (if I get some of you onto both camps, then so much the better). I must make you sit up and take notice, when he surcumbs to death. I must make you ask why…