• The memory cards for digital cameras can hold thousands of photos
  • The photo developing machines to be found in shops accept all varieties of memory cards as well as memory sticks and cds.
  • The majority of consumers are unlikely to want to put in an album all the photos that they take.

With these statements in mind, why is it that the only really affordable option is to have every single photo developed? Why is it that if you
want to undergo any kind of selection it costs double (or close to) the price? Why is it that the only form of selection is to go through the
thumbnails of every single photo and select them individually, and that when doing so they are numbered according to the machine’s own numbering system?

Lastly, why is online developing much more expensive (unless you are lucky enough to find a time specific deal)? Surely this at least should
be more afforable, less overheads the like…?

I guess digital photography is still a new techology…