Fox hunting with hounds will be banned and not before time.

I’m sure that most of these violent protesters have about as much interest in the issues involved as thugs who cause trouble at football matches. Even so, they have done no favours to their cause, and neither have these people. Hunting with hounds will be banned, and not before time.

And before you go calling the jobs argument on me – I don’t care. If something is immoral and (quite frankly) wrong then you can’t keep it going for the sake of a few jobs, which, in all honesty aren’t even in threat. No one is saying that you can’t dress up in all your finery, and ride your horses, have your hounds. You can still meet with your hounds and partake in a spot of drag-hunting. No jobs need be lost. However if they are, then it’s simply a way of life that must come to an end.