I was really very nervous all day about going to my first Life Drawing class tonight. I ate a meal in the canteen at lunchtime and then worked late this evening and had my sandwiches for heading to the Oxford & Cherwell College on the other side of the city. Simon, was the first of my fellow my classmates that I met, in the queue at reception to find out where our class – room K219 – was. We arrived to find a few people already there amongst easils around an old old mattress on the floor. And we kept on ariving. Eventually our teacher, Jane turns up and outlines the course before tonight’s model arrives.

And then it’s straight down to business: pencils at the ready, and the first of three ten minute poses. Then a series of difficult one minute poses, and a break before a half hour pose. The verdict? Not bad, for my first attempt. And I enjoyed the class, which is the main thing.

Standing poses, 10 minutes, 1 and 2

Sitting pose, 10 minutes

1 minute sketches, #1-4

1 minute sketches, #5-6

A half hour sketch

PS. Megan, I’d appreciate any advice you choose to offer…! ^__^