Okay, not two things that you would normally hear in the same sentence, but that in four words, was my weekend. I really couldn’t say why I’ve left it till the last minute to do the tax return (it’s due in on the 30 September and I’ve had it since, something like, May?!) – it’s not even particularly difficult. I only do it for the freelance work I do, and I haven’t done any of that this year, so it’s a simple matter of transfer some figures over from my P60 to the Employment pages and fill in a load of zeroes to the self-employment pages. Still, I didn’t till now, but now it’s done. Tomorrow it will be posted.

I took myself for a walk in Stoke Woods today, in crisp, autumnal sunshine – no leaves to kick, although I did find a few blackberries to gather. Not quite sure what’s up with the blackberry bushes though as most of them seemed past it and ‘got’ by something.

I came back and felt inspired to write myself a little closer to Ben and Helen’s departure to the house in the country – I’m just hoping that my reader can find their way past the necessary debating of energy needs of aluminium smelters! Believe me, there is a point…