After an initial good start, with a simple head and shoulders, my second five minute sketch went to pieces…


…thus, I decided to experiment with brush and ink, reasoning that I could not rub this out. It kind of worked. I shall try this again.


Tone? Well, in five minutes, it’s not a bad first attempt. Putting tone into landscapes and buildings seemed so much easier somehow…


And thus, we come to this weeks series of six 2 minute poses. I don’t think these were as successful this week, as they were last…



…and so we return to tone. This time our teacher plunged the room into almost complete darkness, with one directional light, and so this tone piece was born.


Last week I was faced with a pose for which I had to attempt, and mastered to a certain extent, foreshortening. For this the half hour last pose of this evening, and this half term, I was faced with full body foreshortening. I think I did quite well…


I wonder whether any of my colleagues will allow me to sketch themselves tomorrow when we go out for a curry…?!!