My middle name: Edwin
My birthday: 22 May
My favorite color: Green
My son’s first AND middle names: n/a
My favorite animal: Cat and dog (can I pick two?)
My favorite female singer: Birgitta Haukdal
My favorite male singer: You know, I’m really not sure…
My favorite music GROUP: I can’t pick one! Sigur-Rós, Írafár, Vanilla Ninja and The Darkness
My best friend: I’m not sure if I have best friend. Sarah B, Kim, and Julian?
My son’s father’smother’s name: n/a
My favorite site online: Livejournal and BBC
My favorite computer game: I don’t…
My bed is what kind of bed: A pine double… snuggly
My favorite cartoon: Mysterious Cities of Gold
My favorite TV show: Press Gang
Do i wear underwear: Of course!
What statecounty do I live in: Oxfordshire
My favorite book: Swallows and Amazons