So Charles and Camilla are too marry. Good. I’m happy for them. And if I can say it, it’s about time too. Can we please move on? There’s so many more important things that we need to discuss.

I have just sat through half an hour of the 45 minute The World Tonight driving home from band listening to endless and internable comment and discussion about what this all means for the constitution and the country. It means nothing to the constitution and the country. He is a widower, she is a divorcee. They love each other. They want to get married. Yes, the announcement is news, because He is the future King, and yes, this should be followed up by a brief statement that it will be a civil service followed by a blessing, and that she will take on the title of the Duchess of Cornwall, and then latterly when he is King, the Princess Consort.

This said then, please, lets move on. Yes, I know that the King/Queen of this country is also the head of the Church of England, but really, it still makes no difference. There are countless people out there within the C of E faith who have affairs, are divorced and who re-married, and Henry VIII himself who started the whole thing was not exactly a saint when came to keeping just one wife (although he did at least do the decent thing of ‘disposing’ of the previous one’s before moving on), so of course it makes absolutely no difference to anything that our future King has married a divorcee.

Let this please be an end to the discussion, and move on now. The majority in this country may not be republican, but it is a clear majority who are either Republican or who do care sufficiently either way to bothered.

I fear though, that like with Fox Hunting (where the right decision was taken after too long a delay), there will be too much further discussion about the subject…

Here’s a radical suggestion, let’s talk about dropping third world dept some more instead! Let’s make a difference!