For the last four days I’ve been wearing one of those white cloth wristbands, for the make poverty history thing. Now I’m not a scummy, dirty, individual, but thing is, after just four days of wearing it, the pristine whiteness that it used to be was gone, to be replaced by a greying dirt around the edges, and that’s just after four days of wear.

I was therefore pleased when, today, my silicone plaarix wristband turned up, which is better in several ways…

+ having no rigid, obscenely large plastic clip on it’s reverse side, it is more comfortable
+ instead of black lettering on light, the logo is etched into the design, white on white, which aesthetically I find more distinctive, and in some way more effective.
+ it’s plastic, so it’s washable. So therefore possible to keep it’s cleaniness whiteness

In other news my Before Sunrise and Before Sunset dvds arrived. ^__^ Can I wait till the weekend before watching them I wonder?