This morning I continued to chip away at the spring cleaning and de-cluttering of my little house. I have waaaayy too much stuff in my little house, and so a clear out is in order, particularly if I am to attempt the logistical nightmare of replacing the carpets in my lounge and bedroom with nice wooden floors this summer. There is also a realistic possibility of upgrading my laptop to a nice new model,and thus disposing of the bulky desktop that fills one corner of my bedroom.

This afternoon I drove down to meet my parents in Maidenhead and go and celebrate my Granny’s 90th birthday. I took her a present of a little photo album into which I put, in roughly chronological order, all the photos of my nephew (her great grandson). I also took with me a chocolate beer cake with it’s nine white candles – which was much appreciated.

Only annoying thing was that I could not take photos of the event. My camera has broken. It won’t turn on, and there is a suspicious rattling sound from within. And the truth is, it probably would cost more to have fixed than to buy a new one… Grumble grumble grumble…

I feel bereft without my camera.

If truth be told I have been thinking about upgrading my camera anyway at the end of the month, when this year’s bonus comes in. There’s a nice Fuji FinePix S5500 available on Amazon for a shade over 200 quid … the question is can my head last out to the end of March when I know the money is in the bank, or will my heart win out. After all, it’s only 200 quid – it’s not so much money really in the greater scheme of things, and it would have to be a ludicrously pittiful bonus for me not to be able to afford it…