Notes and oddities. Life is good. Busy but good. My novel continues and goes well, but slowly, I just have so little time these days. Working on print as well as online is good. I’m enjoying it. I’m positive too. Very positive. Helen and HR are doing something as regards Project Nelly and it pleases me that they are taking this – taking me – seriously. I have tried, variously to describe it here, tonight, but in this words fail me.

The concert on Saturday went well. Pictures can be seen here – there’s me in a dj – and some half dead performers. I dread to think what the average age of the band is.

I’ve priced up my wood floors for the lounge and bedroom. Fingers crossed, but when this years bonus comes in I will be able to afford not only the camera which I already have, but my holiday in Romania and a real wood (engineered) oak floor in the lounge and an oak laminate in the bedroom.

Easter soon. Hopefully lots of opportunity for reading and photography. Speaking of reading, I’ve abandoned Dan Brown’s excuse of a novel. It may be a bestseleller but I just wasn’t getting into it. I’ll read something else instead.

It’s late. It’s past my bedtime. Bed now.

Goodnight ^__^