As an ECQC of old I had free time. As an ECQC of The Now, I don’t. And it’s good. Sure my new responsibilities for print production are not in my job description, and in no way could they be summed up purely under the Any other duties as required… tag that can be found in the footer of any job description. Still, it’s good. It’s good having not quite enough time to do everything, having to think, having to prioritise, and juggle. I need something more. I need this.

Of course there are week’s when I remember fondly those day’s of old when I could go off for four days and complete a First Aid training course and come back like nothings happened (that was this time three years ago – exactly). Week’s like this one for example.

In general I don’t get stressed. It’s not worth it, so I just don’t. It leaves a funny taste in the mouth, so I don’t. To be honest, this week hasn’t really been stressful, but it has kind of, or maybe tense is more a fitting word? Yesterday I had a tense afternoon being assessed for my First Aid qualification. I got through, but it was tense. Today it took all morning to go through my emails, and then, just as I was getting close to doing my job, it was time to swallow down a banana, and go for my interview.

The interview went well – I think – but who am I to tell. You only really know if an interview went well if they offer you the job – if they don’t and you thought it did, what do you know? As my mind replays the questions in that annoying pointless way that it already does (I wonder if HR could develop some procedure to surgically remove interviews from the brain after you’ve done it?) I think, did I make that clear? should I have said that? did I make a mistake saying that…?, I think I gave it the best shot that I could have given it. Time will tell if I get it or not – I hope I do – but if I don’t then I still have my work on Ecological Entomology to look forward too, and to my Coaching course – and that is worth staying for in itself.

I want a new job. I want new challenges. I want less time to do more. I want to have to juggle things. I want to regret (in a good way) this list of demands in a few months time… *grins*