Whilst the energy and enthusiasm afforded to me towards my working day over recent weeks remains, I cannot help but feel a certain sense of treading water in my current job until June. This is perhaps acasperated by my geographical move to my new desk, my shift in line manager to my new one, and the leaving behind of all my Professional Divisional journals in favour of my Science Division ones. It’s also heightened by Sian and Jules already starting their APE roles this week, whilst I have to wait another month.

I have no connection to my current list of journals. Stuff comes in, I find it, or I don’t (in which case someone will prod me for it), and I will process it. I will put it live. I’m not going to fill in my name on the journal publishing system for them though, not for the space of month, it’s also unlikely that I will sign up for etocs for them.

It’s been a different pattern of work in my transitionary role. Most of the morning is spent finding out what online early has come in, and getting it ready to process. The afternoon is spent processing it. With a few exceptions I can’t tell the difference between them. I still want to keep our KPIs up, and I still want the quality to be good. This said, I can’t erase from my mind (nor would I) that my change of job of last year is only temporarily before my permanent change of job in a month’s time.