My new computer was ‘supposed’ to have been delivered today between the hours of 5 and 9 pm. I get home, thanks to heavy traffic, minutes after 5 pm and have been in ever since. At about 20:30 hours I see on the courier company’s track’n’trace system the following information:


Okay, point one; I WAS home at 17:10! And point two; they DID NOT leave a card! I know, I’ve checked I’ve looked. Unless they hid it in the flowerbed there was no card.

Further more, upon phoning the courier company, and phoning Dell, and scouring their websites I can find no information about who to call to arrange another delivery. As you can imagine, my normally calm persona is getting just a tad pissed off by this stage.

Whilst making another call to a friend, I discover that my landline phone as a full ‘Missed Calls’ feature, and that there were two before 5 o’clock. One at 16:45 which is number unavailable, and another at 16:30 from a mobile number I don’t recognise it. I call it. It’s the delivery driver. After trying to reason with him that I am within my rights to expect him to come out again from Oxford to make my delivery tonight, as at this time it is only just 9pm and by the sound of kids yelling in the background it is perfectly evident that he is already at home, I eventually agree with him that he will deliver it to me at 8am tomorrow morning. Even then that took some doing as originally he was saying he could do it at ‘some time before 8am’. Bearing in mind that this is Saturday, I feel that this is no good, as how do I know what time I need to get up?

So Saturday 4 June at 8am it is then. Don’t think for one minute thought that the courier company have heard the last of this.