So what have I learnt today? I’ve know for a while that one of my personality traits is that I find dishonesty very uncomfortable, and that if someone says they are going to something, I damn well expect them do it. And if they don’t, it hurts me.

And thus my problem this weekend with couriers and the absence in my life of my (now very much paid for) new computer.

It’s not that I don’t know that courier companies are complete, spineless bastards. That, doesn’t seem to matter. Inside my head, I still think that think that if they agree to turn up between 5 and 9 on a Friday evening they damn well ought to. And having messed that up, if the delivery driver agrees to deliver it to to you at 8am the following morning, he damn well should deliver it at 8am the following morning. Of course it doesn’t help that the online status tool is lying about a card having been left (did they even come to the right address? I was in when they said that I was out?), and that the driver didn’t have the courtesy to reply to my polite (if, increasingly urgent sounding) messages on his mobile today.

And now, even though I have accepted that I won’t be getting my delivery until Monday (somehow, I am going to get it that day, even if I have to go and get it myself!) it doesn’t seem to stop me feeling peeved and annoyed, and this is making me feel sad and pathetic. I don’t like feeling sad and pathetic, I need to try and break out of this.