10 years ago I… (1995)
1. was unemployed
2. got my driver’s license
3. didn’t know how to use the internet

5 years ago I… (2000)
1. was in my first ‘proper’ job
2. was learning to play the flute
3. had never been to Iceland

3 years ago I… (2002)
1. was about to go to Iceland for the second time
2. had been playing in band for two years
3. had joined the social committee at work (me? on the social committee? you’re kidding me!)

2 years ago I… (2003)
1. didn’t know how great Estonia is
2. had started writing again after the great hiatus of 2002
3. started this online journal with no idea where it would take me

1 year ago I… (2004)
1. had been to Iceland for the third time
2. was beginning to think about a change of jobs
3. rediscovered my artistic side

So far this year I… (2005)
1. have learnt more about AS and Me
2. have got my second ‘proper’ job
3. have learnt alot about myself

Yesterday I…
1. spent far too much money on suntan lotion and insect repellent
2. didn’t read as much as I wanted to
3. ate strawberries and cream

Today I…
1. will read more than I did yesterday
2. have learnt some Romanian
3. will eat some strawberries and cream

Tomorrow I will…
1. go to work
2. think about my holiday
3. read some more and eat strawberries

This weekend I will : (upcoming weekend?)
1. be in Romania
2. making a whole new bunch of friends
3. be trying to remember the Romanian I attempted to learn

In the next year (2006) I will…
1. keep chugging along, doing a lot of the same things
2. finish writing my novel and send it ‘out there’…
3. make some new friends, keep smiling, and making jam *grins*