After the anticipation, finally, it’s here! Sit back, curl up, and enjoy the tales from Romania…

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A Thunderstorm for Dinner

Day 1. 14 July 2005

Thursday. The journey began like any other; at Heathrow Terminal 2 a little after 7 o’clock. After a swift check-in I made way through to Departures. Whilst stood outside a branch of Virgin megastore reading a text message on my mobile, I’m suddenly aware of someone stood opposite. It is Tom Fyson – of the Estonian Adventures of 2003 fame – and my leader again on this; Romania 2005.

More or less on time, we depart England to fly east over Europe, landing two hours later in Vienna to be whisked across the airport in a bus and back again, to board our transfer plan. What we find is the tiniest, oldest aeroplane that I’ve ever flown in. With propeller’s on the wings, and luggage stowed under the tail fin, the slimmed down seating is just two deep either side of gangway, and the only separator between first and standard class were two bits of clear Perspex etched with the logo of Tyrolean Airways – our carrier for the last leg of our Austrian Air flight…

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