I took myself off to the Odeon in Aylesbury last night to see the new film version of Pride & Prejudice. From the outset, I knew that they had a tough act to follow with ten year old Andrew Davies/BBC adaptation still looming large over the novel for so many reasons (not just the, for some, whole Mr Darcy/Colin Firth thing…).

My verdict? The new movie is not such a complete, utterly faithful telling of the Jane Austen classic as Mr Davis’ version, but then again how could it be? The BBC adaptation is three times as long, all told. This is a film, and it’s a very good film. The photography is lavish and luxurious, the acting is fine, and the production values excellent. Keira Knightley was superb as Elizabeth (although perhaps the film has succumbed to the same fate as previous productions in being more beautiful than Jane) and fitted well with the other four Bennet girls, who were, as an ensemble, refreshingly as young as they should be.