Had a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend, down in a ‘retreat’ that I know of in the New Forest *grins* – agreeable host and hostess and very cuddly dog Barney and cat Bramble. Pepper went with me, and the sun shone – lots of nice walks in early autum colours. I’ve heard a lot of people, both on-lj and off-lj, say recently how much they adore Autum, and I have to say, I have those same feelings. There’s something very warm and comfortable about the late summer into early winter days; there’s such a wonderfully-inspiring light to be had at this time of year too. Get up early and be seduced by the early morning sun over misty, harvested fields. Bliss…

Went shopping in Salisbury on Saturday, a very agreeable ‘little’ city to shop in, and bought some new walking boots. My 20 year old pair that I bought up in Betys-y-coed one Easter have finally reached the end of the road, climbed their last mountains. The Brasher boots I bought in their place, were chosen instinctively; on sliding my foot into them, I knew. I also came away with a new top, which is agreeably cozy.

Other than that, I foraged for free food, with blackberries from the hedge, and sloes from which to make sloe gin, and crab apples from my folks’ tree for ye jelly.

Next week, it’s north again, to Derbyshire, to stay on Saturday night with some old friends on parents, and there to go on to Matlock Bath, and the christening of Rachel’s (she of my A-Level Art, English, and Sociology classes) second child.