My brother just phoned me. Granny Shepherd, my dad’s mum has died this afternoon. The last time I saw her was Granpa’s 90th birthday celebration a month or so back, and a few week’s ago she saw her great great grandson for the first time.

It’s one of those sad but relieved occasions, as, although she was basically okay, life wasn’t much for her in recent months. My thoughts and wishes to her though, and to my Grampa, and to my dad. I guess we will be having a funeral at some point, but hopefully people won’t rush, so that my parent’s have a chance to get back from America and my aunt has a chance to come over from Iceland with her family.

Edit: Am I being selfish in being relieved that I wasn’t the one to receive the call from Grampa, or my Uncle and have to tell the rest of the family? I don’t think so – I hope not – considering that four years ago it was me who had to make the call to my dad about the fire…