I had a day off today, so I had the obligatory lie-in, before waking again, breakfasting and realising that the morning fog was still lingering like a blanket over my corner of Oxfordshire. Then I took my car round to the local jet-wash and gave it a bit of a shampoo’n’scrub before heading onto into ye olde Oxford. There I bought myself a new mobile phone (I don’t use it a lot but when one mobile’s failing and you want it for emergencies you’ve gotta be able to rely on the thing). Anyway I’ve changed my modest Motorola for another modest Motorola.

I’ve also bought some christmas presents, christmas cards (yes, writing the shepline christmas letter is imimant), and a pheasant for my din-dins tomorrow night 🙂

Walking back down the Botley Road, I passed an old friend, a car with a registration number with which I am all too familiar. Yes, my little white Renault Clio has been bought up and is still on the road. They’ve even fixed the little dent in the back door!

Bed now, for tomorrow I must get up early to go caroling at Millets Farm