Well, clever cleanskies was first to guess the identity of my little Guess Who? earlier this afternoon. This news, to be reported tomorrow in the authoritve Blissford Voice, is copied here for your amusement.

For the uninitiated, ESW stands for Eminent Sea Watcher and is my dad’s name in the village newspaper (he used to be RSW or Resident Sea Watcher until induction into the Royal Society – probably where this personage got his name from!)

The ESW gets lunch at the Palace

February 23rd, 2006

The Palm Beach jacket was back in service when the ESW had lunch with the Queen and the D of E at Buck House last week. Invited through some unknown but splendidly haphazard and therefore democratic process, he was one of eight citizens (oops, sorry, subjects) to enjoy Rillette de Saumon Fume, Noisettes d’Agneau Maintenon, and Crepes Soufflees aux Pommes, washed down by some Chablis, Chateau Latour, and some rather good port. Seated to the left of the Duke, he was able to reminisce with him about life at sea, and chatted to the Queen over coffee about crocodile wrestling. The corgis (four thereof) were much in evidence and caused the only commotion when one was trodden on by one of the many (and vaguely military) waiters. Altogether a most enjoyable occasion, and well worth the detour.

Oh, and yes, it is ALL true!