( or Drystone Walling and the Dolomites )

Across The Lagoon

Day 1. 21 June 2004

Wednesday. Arrived in Venice ahead of schedule, and, having traversed the plush new airport discovering that you can’t get trollies without a 1 Euro coin and wondering how many people arrive in Venice airport with only notes, retrieve my bags. I then discover that the Lonely Planet has lied to me. There is no train direct from the airport to the city. There is however, for 11 Euros a waterboat that takes me direct to San Marco.

Across the lagoon – there is a refreshing – and my welcome breeze. It is extremely hot – if overcast – every bit the promised 34 degrees and maybe more. I stand in the bow, under a canopy and watch Venice proper grow as we cross the lagoon – via ‘roads’ marked out clearly with wooden posts. Our routes take us through the picturesque isle of Murano, famous for it’s glass blowing. It looks to be a charming little island filled with little streets and less of the grand buildings and towers that I can see on further islands. I thought, in the planning stages for this trip, that I might take a valporetta out here. I think now that I have decided that I will…

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