( or Drystone Walling and the Dolomites )

Venice Reprise: Trains and Tornados

Day 9. 29 June 2006

Thursday. Up at 6am to have showered and breakfasted in time for the seven o’clock bells – our signal to leave the nursery school, board ‘that’ van and drive down to the one-platform country train station to catch the eight o’clock train to Venice.

A little after 9:30 we cross the causeway over the lagoon and enter Venice once more. At the stazzoni, we board the #1 waterbus down to Rialto, and from there lose ourselves in the labyrinthine streets of San Marco Siestrie before finding a café in which to eat toasted foccacia sandwiches or pizza cornets whilst sipping café lates.

Losing ourselves in some more streets we find a cake and alcohol shop and indulge our tastes for sweet pastries and limoncello. When we at last arrive at Piazza San Marco it is close on noon and the midday temperature is rising. Seeking breeze and coolness we board the #1 waterbus once more to Academia and seek out eh personal tastes of the Peggy Gugenheim museum…

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