Coincidentally, when I came to peruse the current ‘advance’ job vacancies list when it was handed to me on Tuesday, there was one, for the post of Producer in Web Prodution for which I had to go back to Duncan and say, “‘Ere Duncan, you see this one, I applied for that one last week. You think you can go and see someone and get it switched back to this list…?”. Well today, I got my response. A short email that makes me very happy.


As promised, just to get back to you on the Web Producer role which we discussed earlier in the week. I can confirm that you will be interviewed ahead of any other candidates for consideration of your suitability for the role and will be assessed against the requirements of the job only. The recruiting team will only consider other candidates if your application is unsuccessful.

Clare will be in touch in due course to arrange a time for your interview. Let me know if you’ve any further questions.

All the best


Time to dust off the old smart clothes again, and brush up on my project management experience, and think of examples to go with all those answers, here we go again.

It’s an interesting thing, the ‘advance’ job list, you get to see the salary ranges and everything and that is a real eye-opener. You can look at some people and think, my god, how can you afford to live, and then at others and think, yeah I know exactly how much you earn. Other’s still and think, that there yearly salary (or be it before tax) is mostly likely more than my mortgage!