I didn’t mention that yesterday when I woke up, I dreamed that it was Saturday, and so I overslept. Not significantly you understand, but enough to place me in the full Oxford rush hour. Today, it was different. Maybe it was because I didn’t need to make time to make my lunch, but I was up and away with the world still in darkness, and by the critical half past seven mark had passed through Islip. I thus had time to navigate the new lights of the Green Road ‘Hamburger’ Roundabout and stop for petrol and cash and still get in for 8.

The morning passed reasonably quickly and smoothly and we headed off to The Tree Hotel in Iffley for the departmental Christmas lunch. By the time I was ready to come away, there was a whole bottle of wine left untouched and everyone else had moved on to other things, so I found a cork and took it 🙂 after all I had only had the one glass with my lunch. I was able to drop Vania off in her street, and Kathy in the centre of town on my way back home…