1. You can’t call it training, but it is exercise. Tonight, I swam 48 lengths in 50 minutes. Not bad, but if I am to ‘beat the hour’ with my 60 lengths, I need to do better. If you haven’t done so already, you still have time to sponsor me… 😉

2. Over the next month I will be spending 5 days out of the office on training courses. 2 days in London learning how to project manage, and 3 days in Milton Park, AbingdonDidcot – 1 learning how to use Microsoft Project, and 2 days learning about XML Schemas…

3. Applied for a few webby designery jobs last night. This evening I got home to find that one of them – a web design agency in Swindon (yes, I know, Swindon!) – liked my CV very much and would like to interview me (Yayy!) however they had two questions, one was would I be moving from Bicester or commuting, and the other was that this was a fairly junior position with a salary in the mid to late teens and was this alright. I replied saying that:

If I were to be offered this position, then although I might in the short-term commute from Bicester to Swindon, I would be looking to move nearer.

For your information, my current salary is £xx,xxx.

They can read into that my answer and make their own decision. Still at least the CV and letter works!4. Three critiques so far to chapter four of my novel over at CritiqueCircle. Those that have read it seem to like and seem to admire my slightly odd/brave style and think that against the odds I pull it off. 🙂 That said, they seem to be understanding it pretty well, seeing as I seem to have made a slight oversight and failed to post chapter two!! 😉

5. Bella seems to have made friends with one of the neighbouring cats. They were both on one side of the street when I got home, and had both gone and sat under a car on the other by the time I had got to the other. Arthur meanwhile, was keeping guard outside my garden…