I have been (comparatively) late in coming to the phenomenon that is facebook. But now everyone seems to be on it, and what’s more everyone seems to be on it all the time. It’s essentially got the same buzz about it, and in many ways the same uses, that Friends Reunited had about 6-7 years ago.

What I do find somewhat remarkable is that given its surge of popularity, it has not joined the list of sites blocked on workplace networks. It also leads me to consider an interesting conundrum. With so many employees using the service, and more often than not from their work PCs and in work time, one wonders how many top managers might also have been lured onto the site. And how would this news to be seen by the manager’s staff. It could be seen that they were refreshingly in touch with popular culture, but it could also be taken the wrong way. Overstressed, underpaid ‘worker-bees’ might start complaining that the divisional manager or CEO/MD should be spending more time addressing the concerns of their staff rather than spending the hours constantly updating their status with witticisms and nudging ex-classmates from East Ildleworth Grammar School in 1953.