Damn and blast it, my latest hopes of getting my hands on the curiously rare, but not at all curiously sought after 2000 edition of Graham Oakley’s The Church Mice Take A Break have come to nothing. I’ve been waiting patiently all week, ‘watching’ the item on ebay, and this evening, with just 10 minutes to spare, put in a nice – me thinks – winning bid. For the next 10 minutes I sat by computer, finger over the F5 key watching as I remained ‘The Current High Bidder’ and watched the minutes count down.

With just 15 seconds to go, some unmentionable trounced my bid. I was fast enough to put one more bid in, but was not enough. The bid is lost. I shall have to wait for another day to get my hands on the last book in the series, and the only one that do not own.