I spent most of the morning cleaning my house, so that it would be all ready for its viewing tomorrow. Then I had my lunch – salmon fillet and vegetables, before changing into my concert garb and heading out to Abingdon for the afternoon rehearsal. It went remarkably well I thought – certainly much better than Thursday’s did. Following the rehearsal I killed some time in Waitrose doing my weekly shop to tie me over until Easter.

Emma arrived for the concert and took her place in the audience and I trooped out with the rest of band to play our music. Suite Francais was, errm, interesting when the entire flute section lost our way. I think we would have been okay if we had come in when we had meant to but it didn’t feel right.

The concert went off okay though, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. What Emma and I didn’t enjoy so much was the drive home through abysmally wet weather. Not nice. Not fun.