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Mine, from :

1. Which writer do you most admire, and why?

That’s a tough one. I like lots of writers for different reasons, but if you were to look at the sheer number of their books on my shelves and the consistent enjoyment/re-readability (and enduring understanding) of them, then I think that it would have to be Diana Wynne Jones. I remember the day I was first introduced to her work – my friend Simon just before a GCSE Geography lesson – and it was Fire & Hemlock. It’s still one of my favourite books ever and one that I would forever recommend to people. That said, I have found that her last few books have gone off the boil somewhat, but then they have been Chrestomanci novels and (with the exception of the first couple, these are not her strong ones). However her most recent, House of Many Ways is utterly brilliant and charming and a return to form.

2. What does marriage mean to you?

Being with the person you love and making that commitment to one another. I don’t have a problem with people who choose to live together ‘as married’ without actually being that legally, but for myself I think it’s important, particularly if you are going to consider bringing children into the world. I think it’s a nice symbol to you, your partner, and to those around you who love you that you’ve found someone special.

3. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world/money no object?

Hrmm, tough question. I’m really not sure. I like being reasonably close to my family as that’s important to me. I think somewhere near the coast (within walking distance of the sea), in a small town or village, in a location that is out-of-the-reach of London. Somewhere the pace of life is a bit slower, and friendlier and you can break out on foot and into the countryside.

4. Could you live happily without a television?

Yes, and no. If that’s not a cheats answer that is. When I am away from home and my normal routines and sometimes in places where there isn’t even a television I don’t miss it at all, not one thing. But I couldn’t not have one in my permanent residence. Oddly, I remember when I was younger renting a video recorder (from the Granada shop) because it meant that I watched less television not more: the theory being that you record the things you really want to see and watch them at the times you want to see them rather than watch the things you want to see when they are on and then watch more because its on. Of course in the digital age I record far too much that I never watch on my digibox because its just so damn easy… :-

5. How many musical instruments can you play and which would you like to be able to play?

Two. Flute and piccolo. Well kind of, I can play them, and I do play in Abingdon Concert Band, but I don’t play them as well as I would like. I used to play the trumpet at school, so I guess, given a Tune A Day book and an instrument, I could probably get something out of it again. I’d like to play the guitar, mainly so that I could do a bit of singer-songwriting. Guitar seems to be a bit of a struggle though…