There comes a point in every summer when you weather watch. Last time I did this was for my outdoor concert. Today was for outdoor theatre. The day leading up to the evening was dismal; grey and wet, like all the colour had been washed out. My parents arrived mid-morning and we made a visit to our new house to show them around. We measured up a few gaps in the house and checked out a few details, then came home for lunch of Em’s Vietnamese spring rolls.

In the afternoon we went to look at beds and found a very nice oak one in Touch of Pine (?!!), and then headed on to Oxford to see Creation Theatre’s production of Animal Farm. As we sat waiting for it to start enjoying a prequel to the story set in a prison (appropriate enough after all we were sat in the former exercise yard) the rain really started.

The prisoners became animals via clever hand gestures and body positions, or they way they strut, or the tone of their voice. The production went off with terrific pace and energy only to be halted twenty minutes in by a downpour. It was supposed to be just a pause, but the weather was relentless, and with much resignation we called it a day, retreating to a restaurant to warm up.