On Saturday, we discovered the tiny-on-the-outside-but-labyrinthine-on-the-inside joy that is Lissetters in the King’s End part of Bicester. We actually discovered it last Monday, when on leaving the Swan Inn we saw the most fabulous oak bed in the window. When we went back to have a look at it on Saturday we discovered that it was nice but not as nice as we thought. The shop though, was very nice. Real furniture made from real wood, and then some genuine old pieces. I bought a nice key box for our new house, but managed to restrain myself from buying the three-legged milking stool they also had. I kind of regretted that…

Tonight, after we got home from Sainsburys, as I carried on unloading the shopping and putting stuff away, Em kept on asking me if I was going to check my email or sit down and do something. Eventually I get the hint to discover a milking stool – the milking stool – under my desk.

I love my Emma! 🙂