~ Em’s birthday started with an early morning trip to Tesco (which Helen didn’t particularly enjoy), but we returned home for a leisurely breakfast and presents. Emma loved the watch I got her and she also got some other great gifts from her family.

~ Then we popped into Bicester briefly to get the watch strap adjusted. Whilst there we went into Woolworths which was a pale imitation of its former self. It was sad and actually upsetting to be in there amongst aisles of empty shelves. I think its fair to say that all of us felt uncomfortable being in a shop that was being stripped bare by people who had quite possibly previously deserted the store in favour of other retailers. We had to get out.

~ I wanted to see if my pictures were ready from being framed, but upon arriving at the door discovered the shop closed with a hand written sign taped up stating that: It’s my girlfriend’s wedding today and she insisted that I attend. You can’t say fairer than that.

~ As the day descended into increasingly wild and windy and bleak and grim weather we headed home to hibernate and have lunch. Nick was waiting for us at the house when we got back and we had a leisurely afternoon of birthday presents, tea and cake (with silly candles) 🙂

~ In the evening we went into Oxford to see Creation Theatre do Hans Anderson’s Tales for the second time. After seeing it last week with Emma’s work colleagues, a week on it was even better and even more magical. The crêpes were good too!