I wasn’t really looking forward to the drive over to Milton Keynes today. This wasn’t, you understand, because of the weather and of icy-snowy roads but because of going to Milton Keynes, to the shops, on a Saturday. As it turned out by the time I got there at around half past ten, the car park was all but empty (of cars that is, of 5-inch snow it was another matter) and the centre was really nice and quiet.

I picked up the suit jacket that had been ordered in and proceeded to the changing rooms (now branded as ‘Now Try it On’ areas…). The first couple of assistants to help me I didn’t really gell with – maybe it was because they were going oh no to my favourite suit of two weeks ago. But then a nice man called David, with a stick, turned up and he was very helpful. Bizarrely he was saying the same as the ladies but my brain seemed to gell with his opinions better. I was there for about an hour or an hour and a half in the end, have changed my original decision and gone for this little number.

On the way back to the car I bought a small valentines present for Emma and then slid around the car park to the exit. I’m glad I came over when I did because by the look of the queues on the roads it was beginning to get busy.

Upon arriving home, Em was back from work so I gave her a fashion show of my choice and she was very happy with it. 🙂