Bill sent me a copy of his most recent, hot off the press, newsletter today, and guess what? I feature in it!

2. A client called me up and asked if he could meet me for a session to support his interview technique – his contract job is coming to an end after about two years. He brought his fiancée, the acquisition of whom he directly attributed to some workplace coaching we did about four years ago around understanding his colleagues’ point of view and managing his rambling mind in conversation. She is his first girl friend and they are getting married in May!

3. The first coaching session with Jake was about his desire to move on from van driving. He is now talking about becoming a vet assistant, to his Dad’s amazement, because he was resisting the idea of studying up to the time he talked with me. By coincidence the fiancée mentioned above is a vet nurse, so I have good information for him when we next speak.

Hehe, I guess I am. And as he put it in a follow-up email: You are a success story in anybody’s book!

Yes, yes I am. 🙂