With some regret I’ve just cancelled our honeymoon to Namibia. It’s been a tough decision for both of us but with my uncertain job future it’s the only sensible option. We have about half the money we need, with some still almost certainly coming in as wedding presents but that doesn’t include spending money and we want to have a good time when we are there.

Our representative from Audley Travel was very good about it though. He’s cancelled our holiday as it is, but is going to try and hold as much of the deposits as he can for another year in case we can restart the holiday next year. It makes me feel better, that we will get to go on our new dream holiday.

Not that we don’t have a new dream holiday to plan. We’re going to head off to Scotland, probably the west coast or an island somewhere, somewhere nice and remote. And we will take our time about it, stopping off in The Lakes, Glasgow and Edinburgh on our way up and back. It’s going to be good.