Obviously the being unemployment is not great from a paying bills and spending modest amounts of many, but I am lucky – very lucky – to have parent’s who can help me out. But right now, in the final run to my wedding it’s actually proving quite useful. This morning I’ve been busy, first of all phoning my Mum and Dad to get their advice about whether or not I should go through the possible hassle, and then confirming the possibilities of inviting more guests, what the seating implications might be, with Craflwyn and Blas ar Fwyd. Then, it was time to pluck up my courage and phone Emma’s Dad. Expecting an argument (and my crumbling) I caught him in the middle of a meeting and he was really nice about it and told me to go for it.

So then, confirming the information with Deiniol, the cost implications are not as bad as I thought, as we had actually already overpaid for the children’s food. We’re all good. I send an email to Lynne with the good news and set about recreating my seating plan, adding a table and shuffling it all around until it fits nicely. It takes most of the morning…