Okay, so I almost didn’t grab my waterproof as I left this morning to go and sign on. I’m glad I did tghough because the rain started almost immediately. It felt weird to be going somewhere in the car without Emma.

I got to the jobsworth centre plus in Oxford just in time (I had left plenty of time but unbeknown to me they had changed the bus times to three in an hour instead of four) for my ‘returning from holiday’ interview. After yesterday’s telephone conversation with the payment office (should that be the non-payment office) I certainly haven’t received anything for my trouble since the end of April(?!) wherein they actually hung up on me! So I was just a wee bit apprehensive about the whole signing on thing.

As it turned out they got to me reasonably quickly and the lady was actually not uninterested in my wedding and my honeymoon. A couple of minutes later I leave the room of beauocracy know that come Monday I should have seven weeks of sixty pounds something deposited into my bank account.