When Em and I joined the RSPB at the far off Glenborrowdale Natural History Centre, we discovered that we had a bird reserve right on our doorstep. If truth be told I knew that there was ‘something’ in the Otmoor valley, but didn’t know it was RSPB or how you got there.

Accessed from an old Roman road, which I don’t think has altered much since the time of the Romans(!!) the reserve is lovely. Being a small one, we didn’t actually need to be members to go there, but that’s no the point. As we entered the reserve, we had to take care not to tread on hundreds of little baby frogs all frantically trying to hop from the left of the path to the right of the path. We saw lots of birds and butterflies and it was all very nice. It was also a complete sun trap under cloudless blue skies and scorching temperatures.