Today has been quite a day; a really good day. Shortly after 9 o’clock I got a call on my mobile – private number. This is it, I thought. And it was; one of my interviewers from yesterday. I was sure that they were going to tell me the usual story; that I was very good, had some brilliant skills but that someone else had been offered an accepted. No. This time, that person was me. I’m still not entirely sure if I really believe it, even now. I have a permenant job, 2½ years later. It’s brilliant. As Emma has said tonight, ‘I’ve got a husband with a permanent job!’

Tongiht we went out to celebrate with a meal. We decided to try out the new restaurant in Bicester in the converted chapel. Trintity, Bicester is a really nice place. Excellent food and friendly service. A great night out…

Thomas Shepherd, Web Designer

Yummy steak from Trinity, Bicester